After recent incidents of animal cruelty the GSPCA would like to remind everyone how to report animal cruelty in Guernsey

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After the recent cases of animal cruelty this week we would like to remind everyone of the GSPCA cruelty complaint procedure.

Lorna Prince Welfare Manager said ‘If anyone has information of cruelty or neglect to any animal we would ask them to contact the GSPCA on 01481 257261.’

‘We receive and have reported hundreds of cases of cruelty or neglect every year and these recent incidents have really concerned everyone here at the GSPCA.’

‘We are urging anyone that knows anything about the dog attack or has any information regarding the sheep incident to conatact the police on 725111.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘The GSPCA is an organisation which has the main aim to prevent cruelty and promote kindness for all animals in Guernsey and we are extremely concerned with the news that someone would attack a dog in the way the recent incident has occured.’

‘We often see cases of cruelty or neglect but this is certainly one of the worst in recent times.’

‘We are here to help animals and if anyone has any concerns at all regarding cruelty you can call the Shelter in confidence or even pop up to chat to the staff.’

Below is more information on the complaint procedure -

Animal Welfare Complaints

The GSPCA’s main aim is to prevent cruelty to animals and help those at risk of cruelty and neglect. Every day we receive calls from members of the public who are concerned for the welfare of an animal. These calls are our priority and as such welfare staff will drop everything to respond to such a call. More often than not we are able to resolve any problems that we find and can put the caller’s mind at rest but there are occasions when further action is required.

We rely on the general public to provide us with important information regarding animal welfare within the Community, especially in situations where an animal may be at risk, and as such we must act professionally and with discretion. Any call to the Shelter involving a concern about an animal is dealt with in the strictest of confidence and at no time are the details of a complaint or complainant discussed with third parties.

What happens when we receive a complaint?

The details of the concern are logged on a complaint form. The more information we receive the better and while some people would rather not tell us who they are contact details of the caller are extremely important. If we are unable to locate an animal in distress they will be the only lead we have and it can mean the difference between us being able to help an animal and having to abandon what may be a very serious investigation.

A member of staff will locate the animals to assess the situation and gather all relevant information. We always carry an identification card and will show you who we are. Our aim is to collect evidence and investigate the circumstances and condition of any animal before making a judgment about a person or situation. We know from experience that some animals that look neglected and ‘starved’ are often just old and infirm and receiving treatment from a vet.
If a member of our team has been to your property and you are not home they will always leave a card to inform you of our visit and who to contact. If you do not find a card then it was not a member of the GSPCA’s welfare team that visited your property.

Education or prosecution. We need to determine whether an offence has been committed or whether it is a case of someone simply needing our help and support. In the majority of cases education is key and more often than not some help and advice can greatly improve the ability of the owner to care for their pet and therefore improve the quality of life of the animal. If however we believe that an offence has been committed we will investigate the matter further.
We will always complete follow up visits where necessary, to ensure that our advice has been taken on board and to reassess the animal(s). If we find that there has been no improvement in the animal’s circumstances and quality of life we will move to take further action.

Please note:

We will always show identification

We will always leave a calling card to inform you of our visit and who to contact.

We do not behave in a threatening manner when investigating cases of cruelty.

We do not make visits at unsociable hours unless we have been asked to attend by the Police or another Agency.


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