Are you sure that you are sitting comfortably?

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Nick Guillemette

Due to popular demand, Prime Practice is now focusing more on offering professional ergonomic advice in postural seating and individual workstation assessments.

‘With over 20 years experience in this field already and practicing as a manual therapist, I understand how the body works so can ensure that seating posture and workstations are correctly set up,’ said founder Nick Guillemette.

‘There is no age barrier to the risks of suffering poor posture at work,’ he said. ‘It can lead to back and neck pain, tightness across the shoulder blades and headaches during the working day. In addition, RSI (repetitive strain injury) – mainly in the wrist and forearms – can arise from not using armrests correctly, especially with your mouse.’

Mr.Guillemette set up Prime Practice over 20 years ago, following a successful career in local industry. Having been mainly office based during this time, he was well aware of the pitfalls of sitting at a desk for long periods and the effects this can have on the body. He therefore decided to train as a Bowen Therapist and as a Massage Therapist, specialising in Sports, Remedial and On-Site Acupressure Massage techniques.

Nick feels his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology gives him a distinct advantage when advising office workers on the best use of their equipment, their seating posture and any physical problems they may have at their workstations.

‘Poorly designed office chairs that are lacking the correct adjustable supports are also a culprit,’ Mr.Guillemette adds. ‘I am the sole agent in the Bailiwick for three leading ranges of ergonomically designed office chairs that are specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s office workers. I provide advice, and can supply a chair on loan before an order is placed; my service includes a unique follow-up visit once the chair has arrived to make sure it is fitted properly and that the user knows how to adjust it in future.’

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