Brand new dance technology production created in Guernsey

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Dance and Technology are brought together in a pioneering project currently being researched and developed at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. A Kinect motion sensor is removed from its normal domestic setting to open it up as a device with which dancers can interact to control projected shapes, patterns and light.

Darren Pritchard, Manchester based choreographer, is leading the research into how dance can interact with technology. Marcel Lenormand, Guernsey based digital artist, is developing the systems to facilitate the translation of human movement and projected imagery.

This project will be further developed in the UK in the autumn concluding in a touring dance production that will premier in Guernsey in 2015.

Darren Pritchard said:

“It is amazing and so unique to start the development of a professional dance production in a hospital setting. ‘Body of Light’ will be informed not only be the technology but also by the people I meet, experiences I have in the hospital. The Princess Elizabeth hospital has been very forward thinking in kindly offering their space to enable me to research this work. It is part of their commitment to their ‘Arts in Health’ programme. We are encouraging staff, service users to come and visit us in the Emma Ferbrache room while we develop this work. I’m very thankful to Guernsey Arts Commission who awarded me a grant for stage 1 of this project, it has allowed me to work with and employ Guernsey digital artist Marcel Lenormand. Marcel will also be working on stage 2 of the development of the project in the UK. Marcel is a great ambassador of the exceptionally high skill base artist have on this island, I have seen and experienced so much great visual arts, dance and music in Guernsey.”

Marcel Lenormand said:

“This is a unique opportunity for me to be part of a visionary and cutting edge project.  It is such a privilege to work with Darren because the worlds of dance and technology rarely integrate so closely.”

Phases of the project:

Phase 1, 16 Jun — 25 Jul 2014 (Supported by the Guernsey Arts Commission.)

Based at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey. Research stage for discovering what the capabilities and limitations of the technology are and how creative interactions can be made.

Phase 2, 5 Oct — 7 Nov 2014 (Supported by Arts Council England.)

Based at STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North) Manchester.

Development stage when the ‘ingredients’ from Phase 1 are integrated with professional dancer(s).

Phase 3, 2015 (Supported by Arts Council England)

Production and tour:  The final show is developed and will premier in Guernsey and tour the UK, Channel Islands, France focusing on reaching broad audiences by appearing in non-traditional dance spaces.

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