C5 Alliance pays tribute to Microsoft’s biggest year

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Speed and efficiency gains can be made by utilising new technologies, according to Microsoft Partner Technology Advisor Sam Solieman.

Mr Solieman was in the Channel Islands to present at two breakfast briefings hosted by IT consultancy C5 Alliance.

Highlighting some of the important developments in 2012, including the launch of System Center 2012, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure, Mr Solieman explained how beneficial these tools can be for optimising businesses, providing more automation and customisability and significantly increasing speed and efficiency.

“These new technologies are changing the way businesses are handling their data with the ability to store it both on premise and off premise while accessing it online. Another advantage is the virtualisation platform built into Windows Server 2012, allowing users to deploy new virtual machines to support larger workloads.

“System Center 2012 can also manage data in both Windows Azure, the public cloud, and in private onsite client infrastructure simultaneously giving businesses a range of options for their future infrastructure choices”

“One of the great advantages of these products is that they aim to be ‘platform agnostic’, meaning that they can cater for and interact with all types of applications.”

While these new developments (including the Microsoft Surface Tablet which was passed around during the seminar) can bring promising advantages to businesses, senior consultant at C5 Alliance Rob Thorpe, urged delegates to heed the warning that they should think about upgrading their operating systems before it is too late.

“For those businesses still using the Windows XP operating system, there is a very pragmatic reason to upgrade. As of 08 April 2014 support for XP and Office 2003 will come to an end and compatibility will change significantly,” he said.

Mr Thorpe identified eight important considerations in taking this step: auditing existing hardware and software, reviewing and budget, choosing a suitable edition (Windows 7 or 8), image considerations (whether multiple networks appear as one system), desktop build, applications, user experience and training users.

Rob Leader, chief operating officer at C5 Alliance said:

“I think I speak for all our guests when I thank Microsoft for supporting the event. The briefings have also reinforced our own links with Microsoft: we are a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in SharePoint, Business Intelligence, CRM and Server Platforms and have over 50 Microsoft Qualified Consultants. The possibilities that cutting edge technologies allow are endless and we strive to help the local business community get the most value out of their information management systems.”

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