C5 Alliance shows real benefits of Office 365

| July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments
Aonghus Fraser and David Edge

C5 Alliance recently hosted breakfast briefings across the Channel Islands to highlight developments with Microsoft’s Office 365 and underline the benefits that cloud-based solutions can bring to local businesses.

Senior employees from C5 Alliance – Aonghus Fraser, Director of Process & Platforms and David Edge, Director of Bespoke Development – demonstrated through a series of real world case studies how businesses in the Channel Islands have seen huge gains by favouring cloud and hybrid setups to strictly on-premises infrastructure.

“We’re seeing a significant amount of businesses move to the cloud, with modern working demanding more flexibility. Platforms such as Office 365 sit comfortably with today’s remote working culture but the benefits of opting for a cloud-based solution go much further than that,” said Mr Fraser.

“From reduced costs and heightened security to real-time access to system updates there are so many reasons why this setup is becoming an essential. This can work for businesses of all sizes and doesn’t have to involve lengthy migration of core business data; it can be as simple as setting up exchange online for email, to correspond from anywhere, anytime”​

More on C5 Alliance’s cloud offering can be found here: http://www.c5alliance.com/ITservices-customcloudsolutions

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