Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first text with free texting

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On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the first ever text being sent, new research from Airtel-Vodafone shows Jersey likes texting more than Guernsey.

The Short Message Service, otherwise known as SMS or text, is 20 years old on 3 December. When Neil Papworth, a test engineer, sent the words ‘Merry Christmas’ from his computer over the Vodafone network, little did he realise he was heralding the dawning of the global phenomena of the text, which within a few years would change the word from a noun into a verb.

Research from Airtel-Vodafone shows that the average number of texts sent by their contract customers each month in Jersey was 266 and in Guernsey it was 146, making for a 30% difference between the two islands.

It would appear Jersey likes to talk more too with contract customers averaging 255 minutes a month, yet in Guernsey the average is 167 minutes a month, 13% less than in Jersey.

While Jersey likes to talk and text more, Guernsey has the edge when it comes to data downloading on prepaid mobiles, with 16% less in Jersey.

Ian Campbell, Chief Operating Officer from Airtel-Vodafone said: “Mobile phones have become such an everyday part of our lives and it is hard to believe that 20 years have passed since the first text. I’m not sure why Jersey likes to text more than Guernsey but we’re giving them a chance to redress the balance. To commemorate the texting anniversary, we will be offering all our customers free texting for the 24 hours of 3 December!”

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