CICRA consults on new spectrum for Y Tel in Guernsey

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CICRA (the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities) has launched a consultation on a proposed allocation of radio spectrum to Y Tel in Guernsey.

The spectrum allocation would enable Y Tel to provide a new wireless fixed line service in competition with existing operators such as Cable & Wireless (Sure), JT and Airtel.

The regulator has already approved a licence for Y Tel to provide fixed line telecommunication services in Guernsey.  The proposed radio spectrum allocation would allow Y Tel to provide fixed line services via a wireless network. Y Tel needs access to radio spectrum in the 3GHz range to do this. Y Tel already provides this service in Jersey.

CICRA chief executive, Andrew Riseley, said: “Spectrum is a scarce commodity and we need to ensure that it is fairly allocated between competing telecommunication providers.

“Spectrum is a valuable resource and it should be used to provide excellent telecommunication services to many mobile, business and residential customers.

“It is CICRA’s statutory duty to ensure that spectrum is used effectively to bring the greatest choice, value and access for the benefit of Channel Islands’ consumers and the island economies.”

Responses to CICRA’s consultation will help it determine whether to agree to Y Tel’s request.

The CICRA consultation runs until 15 March 2013.  The consultation document is published on CICRA’s website (

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