CICRA releases results of Guernsey mobile customer satisfaction survey

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The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) has released the results of its independent survey of customer satisfaction with mobile service providers Sure, JT and Airtel.

CICRA commissioned Island Analysis to conduct the survey of 500 islanders in Guernsey and Jersey, respectively, which asked customers to give their opinion on the quality of service, billing and the level of customer service they had received from the three operators.
Headline results
• Overall only 60% of respondents rated their mobile quality of service as satisfactory or highly satisfactory with Airtel achieving 82%, Sure 59% and JT achieving 49%
• 53% of respondents rated their billing as satisfactory or highly satisfactory with Airtel achieving 60%, Sure 53% and JT 51%
• 29% of those surveyed had cause to contact customer services in the past six–12 months with a quarter of those (26%) reporting their experience to be dissatisfactory or worse
• While only 7% of those surveyed had changed provider in the past six-12 months a quarter (24%) suggested that they would be likely or very likely to change provider in the future with just over a half (52%) citing pricing and special offers as the main reason for seeking to change.

CICRA director, Louise Read, said: “There are marked differences in the quality of services rating achieved by the three operators.

“We encourage operators to use the results of this survey to identifying areas where they may need to improve to better meet their customers’ needs and we encourage customers to use this report to help them decide which mobile provider they choose in the future.

“Competition encourages telecoms operators to improve the quality of existing services and introduce new and innovative services into the market in order to retain existing customers and win new business

“However, for competition to be truly effective customers need to have information such as the results of this survey.”

CICRA has taken steps, in response to concerns raised by local consumers to ensure that, from 1 October 2014, mobile operators are no longer able to change a customer’s mobile contract during the fixed term of the contract.

It has also worked with operators to reduce the incidence of bill shock and is pleased that Sure and JT have voluntarily introduced caps to roaming charges. CICRA has also placed a condition on operators seeking 4G spectrum, that customers must have the ability to control the cost of their mobile phone through the use of a data cap.

This is the second in the series of three reports that CICRA has issued with the first report on fixed lines published in July and the third report, on broadband services, to be published in September. CICRA expects to conduct the surveys annually.

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