Collas Crill IP specialist joins panel at Guernsey Finance’s London image rights event

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IP specialist David Evans will join a panel of experts addressing an audience of IP, sports and entertainment lawyers, agents, accountants and brand managers at Guernsey Finance’s London image rights event this week.

At the event on 23 January Mr Evans, a director of Collas Crill IP, will join the panel alongside IP specialist Mark Engelman from Hardwicke and media lawyer Dominic Crossley from Collyer Bristow.

The panel will explain the possibilities for registrations under the new law and how these new rights augment existing IP rights, specifically looking at the difficulties faced by celebrities in obtaining protection for their personal branding rights and the role of the Guernsey Image Rights Agent.

Guernsey’s world first image rights legislation and image rights register opens a new chapter in asset protection and exploitation management.

CCIP is a provider of local and global IP services and the only registered Guernsey Image Rights Agents company.

The new legislation is designed to cater for today’s culture of the celebrity, where image and brand are both increasingly important but have, to date, been very hard to protect and manage.

Held at the Corinthia Hotel in Whitehall, this Guernsey Finance event will position the new legislation in the context of existing rights and the commercial realities of the industry.

By exploring how to use it to protect a name, image or likeness, attendees will hear how celebrities and corporations now have a more robust way to manage these rights and maximise the value that is achievable from image and brand.

David Evans said: “While it is typically the personalities who will have their details registered in this way, it is important for their advisors to understand the regime and the issues surrounding these important new IP rights.”

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