Collas Crill sees demand for competition advice as Guernsey businesses double check their compliance

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Leading Channel Islands law firm Collas Crill has seen a significant demand for the services of its newly formed competition team in light of the introduction of Guernsey’s new regime.

Senior associate Kate Storey said “I have had multiple requests for competition advice in the last few weeks. Businesses are obviously taking the new regime seriously and rightly so.”

The new regime seeks to prevent Guernsey businesses abusing their position in the marketplace or working in concert to restrict competition. Additionally the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authority may be involved in approving mergers and acquisitions of Channel Island businesses in some cases.

Competition Team senior associate Wayne Atkinson explained “What we are seeing is Guernsey businesses making sure they are doing the right thing as far as the law is concerned. As with any new legislation there is a little uncertainty as to the effect it will have so businesses are double checking that they are in fact on the right side of the law. As Guernsey is a relatively small island a law of this type could have impact on businesses it might not typically catch in somewhere like the UK. People are taking the view that it is better to be sure they are compliant rather than risk a regulatory action.”

In response to demand, the first seminar in Collas Crill Autumn Seminar Series, entitled ‘Anti-Competitive Practises Under Fire – Guernsey’s New Competition Law’, seeks to give local businesses a greater understanding of the new competition law.

The seminar is being held at The Duke of Richmond Hotel in St Peter Port on Tuesday 13 November from 4pm. Spaces are limited. Cost is £25 per person.

For more information on this and other seminars, or to reserve your place, please visit or email

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