Computer science takes another step towards the classroom

| February 5, 2013 | 0 Comments
Marc Laine, C5 Alliance

The UK government has announced that computer science will be a core element of the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc), news that has been welcomed by the technology community.

Marc Lainé, Guernsey Island Manager for technology consultancy C5 Alliance was hopeful that the States of Guernsey would follow suit.

“Computer science is the foundation for the technology industry. For our island’s economy to continue to grow we need people with these skills to develop the next generation of solutions for the finance industry, retail, transport, energy and many other industry sectors,” he said.

“The impact skilled practitioners can have in all areas should not be underestimated. Learning how software is created, not just how it works, is essential to developing the right skills to drive real innovation. Encouraging young people to code is something the Education Department will hopefully be looking at in Guernsey.”

A UK government spokesperson has said that having computer science in the EBacc will have a big impact on schools over the next decade.

“It will mean millions of children learning to write computer code so they are active creators and controllers of technology instead of just being passive users,” he said.

Mr Lainé said that the States had not decided whether to implement the Ebacc in the island yet.

“We might not follow the UK down the Ebacc route; however we should be following their lead in investing more into getting real computer science into schools.”

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