Digital Enhancement at Hamilton Brooke  

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Hamilton  Brooke  are  strengthening  their  team  with  the  addition  of  a  new  Digital  Manager.

Claire  Mockett  brings  with  her  a  wealth  of  expertise  in  digital  design  and  online marketing,  is  skilled  in  the  application  of  both  Google  Adwords  and  Analytics,  as  well  as search  engine  optimisation.  Having  previously  worked  with  a  broad  range  of  commercial companies,  Claire  brings  a  unique  ability  to  provide  a  creative  digital  strategy  with  a strong  focus  on  the  end  user,  whatever  the  nature  of  the  business.

Claire  is  particularly  passionate  about  the  power  of  digital  and  social  media  such  as Facebook  and  Twitter,  to  connect  with  customers.  She  says  “Business  is  becoming  more  and more  competitive  and  companies  have  realised  the  very  real  benefits  that  connecting  with their  customers  brings  and  that  having  a  two  way  conversation,  develops  a  strong relationship.  Do  it  properly  and  it  can  give  you  a  real  edge,  but,”  she  adds,  “When  it comes  to  digital  marketing,  it’s  important  to  remember  that  there  is  no  ‘one-­‐size  fits all’  solution.  Just  because  something  is  the  latest  thing  it  doesn’t  automatically  mean  it is  right  for  your  business.  The  best  way  to  success  is  to  understand  customer  needs, keep on  top  of  new  developments  and  utilise  only  those  that  will  truly  benefit  you,  by testing,  learning  and  evolving.”

Efrem  Cockett,  Director  at  Hamilton  Brooke  comments  on  the  appointment,  “It’s   been  a  busy year  for  us  all-­‐round  with  one  of  the  biggest  areas  of  growth  being   online  media,  so we’re  delighted  to  have  someone  of  Claire’s  calibre  joining  us.   Having  worked  with  her previously  on  a  freelance  basis,  we  are  familiar  with  the   quality  of  her  work  and her dedication  to  providing  creative  and  practical  solutions

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