Guernsey FC are the 20th Challengers in #challengegsc videos

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The Guernsey Sports Commission are proud to announce that they have posted their 20th Challenge GSC video. The idea, initially a concept by Ollie Dowding, PE & Sport Development Officer at the Commission, has taken the schools by storm as the weekly videos are being shown in class and in assemblies.

The weekly challenge is posted on the Commission’s website, and takes the form of a sports skill that we encourage primary school children to try. With the first video being posted in the last quarter of 2012 we have seen sports stars including Lee Merrien (Olympian), Martin Watts (Squash), Ben Ferbrache (Cricket) and James McLaughlin (Cycling). The sports skills have been taken from a range of different sports including netball, football, squash, basketball & tennis.

Whilst the 10th video featured the Bailiwick Olympian Lee Merrien juggling, for the 20th video we invited Guernsey FC to set the next challenge. Ollie Dowding & Olly Tracey, staff at the Commission, visited one of their training sessions and filmed the squad trying the cross bar challenge. Each player was given one chance to strike the ball from the half way line to hit the crossbar of the goal. We filmed the results and the video can be seen on the Guernsey Sports Commissions website homepage now.

Tony Vance, Head Coach of Guernsey FC, highlighted that “it is great that we can support this local sporting initiative by the Commission. I know my children watch the weekly videos at their school and no doubt this video will prove just as popular”.

Ollie Dowding, founder of the weekly challenges, said “we are very excited to have reached our 20th video and we hope that primary school children all over the island continue to watch our videos which aim to inspire them to try new sports skills now and into later life”.

If you would like to watch all of the Challenge GSC videos visit the Guernsey Sports Commission Website on

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