Guernsey Grants Identify Major Funding Issues For Social Inclusion Projects

| February 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

During its first year in operation the Guernsey Community Foundation’s Quarterly Grants Programme has awarded a total of £41,481 to local charities or voluntary groups.

The total value of applications for funding was £528,096.13, with 101 applications being received.  84 of those applications were received from different organisations with the remaining coming from organisations re-submitting their applications.

The Foundation has been able to assist a fifth of the applications it has received over the last 12 months but the grants it has awarded only cover 8% of the total funding needs.

Sadie Siviter de Paucar, Development Manager at the Guernsey Community Foundation said:

‘It is clear that there is a huge need for funding among charities and voluntary groups working with themes of social inclusion. Whilst we are sometimes able to identify alternative sources of funding for our applicants, we would be very interested to hear from anyone or any organisation that may be able to donate money towards these projects.’

The charities and voluntary groups that the Foundation has been able to help have benefited greatly from the extra funds. The successful applications have covered a wide range of areas such as disability, disadvantaged youth or families, carers, domestic violence, substance abuse and outreach projects.

The Foundation continues to meet with many organisations which were unsuccessful in securing funding to see how it can help them in other ways such as matching up skilled volunteers and providing advice.

The Foundation’s 2013 grants programme is currently being finalised and details will be announced soon.


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