Happy New Year from the GSPCA but its certainly not a flying start for many Guernsey birds

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The GSPCA team and all the animals would like to wish one and all a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately the New Year and the bad weather over the last few days has certainly not helped many of our feathered friends.

New Years Day Ambulance Collection Officer spent much of the day rescuing injured birds around Guernsey.

These included a Gannet that is now named Balthazar. Balthazar was rescued by ACO Geoff George after being found exhausted and thin near Kings Mill.

Geoff also rescued a Cormorant that has been named Reefie. Reefie also was very thin and tired and was found in Vale yesterday.

We also have had a Kestrel brought into the Shelter which was found in the road yesterday in the Castel area.

Another unusual resident at the GSPCA is a Razorbill which has been named Ruddock. Ruddock was found poorly on the rocks in Moulin Houet today.

All of the birds as well as many others are currently under heat lamps or in intensive care units and we are hopeful with some TLC and vet care they will be released back into the wild as soon as we possibly can.

Geoff George ACO said ‘What a busy start to the year we are having and such wonderful birds.’

‘The windy, stormy weather often means casualties but it has been an exceptionally busy few days and with the weather about to turn worse we are all concerned for the animals around the Bailiwick.’

‘If anyone finds a sick or injured animal in Guernsey they can call our 24 hour helpline on 01481 257261.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from the GSPCA but its not been a good start for many of our wildlife.’

‘Reefie, Balthazar, Hechet and Ruddock have all seen the vet today and have warm pens and intensive care units to help pull them through.’

‘With well over 2000 sick, injured and rescued animals in during 2013 this year is already proving to be very busy.’

‘We would like to thank everyone who helped and supported us during 2013, it really is appreciated and we look forward seeing and working with one and all during 2014.’


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