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1               Arts’ Grants for Musicians

Emerging musicians are being given a helping hand by Guernsey Arts Commission following consultation with a number of performers.

Applications from bands and other music groups are particularly welcomed by the Funding Sub-Committee at the Arts Commission.  A budget of £10,000 has been allocated to support emerging musicians take the next step to develop their career.  Groups can apply for £1000 and applications can be made for a variety of activities including production, gigs or promotion.    So far, Hartebeest, Last of the Light Brigade and Of Empires have been successful in their bids this year.  Deadlines for further applications are Sunday 1st June, 31st August and 2nd November.

2               Instruments wanted for young musicians

Getting started in music can also be a major challenge for some so Guernsey Arts Commission has supported Styx Music to set up low cost music lessons and an ’instrument  amnesty’. Affording an instrument can be a massive hurdle and getting lessons requires a significant financial commitment.

In an effort to overcome this the Western Parishes’ Youth Development project in collaboration with the Arts Commission is running a year- long pilot project providing low cost, music lessons in guitar, drums, keyboards, bass and more.  The lessons are aimed at beginners and will be based at the STYX Youth and Community Centre.

The sessions are aimed at 3 groups of young people 11-14`s 14-19`s and referred young people.

“Our aim is to make music accessible to everyone” says Marcel Lenormand who will be teaching.  “To ensure this happens we need instruments that the students can take home to continue practicing with.”

Have you got an instrument that you no longer play and could donate to the project? Current needs are for acoustic guitars, bass guitars, portable keyboards and drum kits.    If you have an instrument you would like to donate please contact Russ Fossey at or telephone 247488.

If you are interested in finding out more about the lessons visit

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