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With its many shows, the greenhouse, Guernsey Information Centre, North Esplanade, St Peter Port, is one of the foremost exhibition spaces on Guernsey, delighting and challenging audiences since 2006.

Insider Art offers a thought provoking and unique opportunity to view work by current and former inmates of Guernsey Prison.

The exhibition gives the public a glimpse into the type of things that inspire even the most invisible and sometimes disregarded in our community. Those viewing the exhibition will spend a few moments forgetting that this work was done by someone in prison, but by another human being; a human being who has the same thoughts, emotions, and inspirations as they do, and for that one moment, we recognise ourselves.

More members of the public have visited Insider Art than any other exhibition in the past twelve months and we wanted to share just a few of the comments left by our visitors: “Very high standard with loads of heartfelt feeling – I wish every participant that they (sic) continue to create to find their freedom from the darkness that oppresses us.” P.C

“Real talent! (Some disturbing) Hopefully it can be channelled after prison life.” D.T. (Guernsey) “Wonderful – a great initiative. We all have talent, but our routes to finding it are wide and varied. The skill is never to be afraid to look for it. Congratulations to you all.” M.S.D.

“What a wonderful project. So much talent. Put it to good use after they get out.” B.S. (USA) We urge you to visit this fascinating exhibition before its closes on August 31st 2013. The exhibition is free and is yet another example of the power of partnership working, in this case with Guernsey Prison and the GAC.

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