Islanders back kerbside collection, survey shows

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Islanders have given resounding support to the introduction of kerbside recycling, according to a new survey.

More than three quarters of people who currently visit the bring banks plan to use the new service, and half said it will help them recycle more.  Only 12% said they would carry on using the existing facilities when the new service is rolled out to all households in March.

Of the small number of respondents who do not recycle, more than 80% said they will start.

Nearly 300 islanders completed the survey questionnaire at the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle stand at last month’s HomeLife Show.

Deputy Public Services Minister, Deputy Scott Ogier, said the response was very encouraging.

“The fact we now recycle 46% of household waste is a tribute to the commitment of the community and the progress we have made.  A lot of people who came to the stand at the show were already using the bring banks,” he said.

“The fact they believe kerbside collections can help them recycle more is very positive and demonstrates why this should be introduced.”

Only 16 respondents said they did not currently use the bring banks and of these 13 said the new service would enable them to begin recycling.

Deputy Ogier said the service will make recycling easier and more convenient for most people.

“We currently have a campaign to encourage islanders to recycle ‘One More Thing’, because little changes can make a big difference.  For anyone who doesn’t recycle, kerbside is an opportunity to do that, even if they only start in a small way.  Just recycling paper or card will add up to a significant reduction in waste going to landfill,” he said.

The new interim scheme will be provided by the current bin men in each parish.  They will pick up mixed recycling in special bags, so households do not need to put out additional bins or boxes.

Paper and card will be picked up one week, and tins, cans, plastic bottles and containers, foil and drink cartons the following week.  The mixed materials will then be taken to Mayside Recycling.

Bring bank facilities will continue to be provided for glass, which, aside from a limited trial, will not be collected during the interim scheme, and for other materials for islanders who are unable to participate in kerbside collection.

More than 95% of recyclers in the survey said they were happy to carry on using bring banks to recycle glass, even if they planned to use kerbside for other materials.  More than two thirds said they had fewer than 10 bottles or jars a week.

Public Services will send detailed information on the new service to all households early next year to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the convenience of kerbside collections.

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