Islanders can say ‘I’m in’ to reducing waste

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I'm in!

Islanders are being asked to show their support for efforts to reduce waste by signing up to some simple changes that can help make a big difference

The new One More Thing pledge campaign is looking to highlight the strong community involvement in recycling and other waste reduction initiatives. Public Services hopes thousands of islanders will sign up to show their support.

They will be able to register simply to say they back efforts to reduce waste. However the Department hopes that taking part will also encourage people to think about what more they can do.

Everyone is therefore being invited to choose consider one more thing they can do to reduce their own waste, and help the island reach its recycling targets.

The Department has come up with some suggestions for people to consider:

I will start recycling
I will recycle something I haven’t recycled before
I will waste less food
I will start composting
I’ll help others with their recycling

A number of familiar faces have already taken the pledge. Nic Legg, from Coast Media and GFC, has pledged to waste less food by planning his weekly shopping and meals. Laura Clayton from Island FM has committed to recycling as much as she can through the kerbside recycling scheme.

Recycling officer, Tina Norman-Ross, said it was an opportunity for everyone to become an ambassador for reducing waste.

“Islanders have already shown fantastic commitment to recycling and waste reduction. In 2012 more than 46% of household waste was recycled, and the amount of waste going into Mont Cuet fell. We can all be proud of these achievements, and we think that with this sort of commitment as a community we can do better still,” she said.

“The pledge is a way of acknowledging the support of the islanders and recognising the effort we as individuals are making to reduce the amount of waste that we all produce. We’d like everyone to be a part, and one way of encouraging that is if we all show our support. We can all be ambassadors.

“The pledge also recognises that we all, from the most committed recyclers to those that haven’t tried it yet, can do more. If everyone commits to making even one of these small changes it will make a difference to our island. We want everyone to get involved and to show how easy it is to do your bit to keep Guernsey’s waste to a minimum.”

The Department wants islanders to register their support, to act as encouragement to others. Anyone can make their own pledge one or more ‘pledges’ by submitting a photo of themselves and their chosen pledge to the Recycle for Guernsey Facebook page.

To take a pledge photo:

use a digital camera or mobile phone to take a photo featuring the ‘I’m in’ pledge message, perhaps even written on something that is about to be recycled
Photos can be uploaded at by going to the box that says ‘write something on this page’ and by clicking or tapping the photo/video button then selecting the pledge image.
Islanders can also leave short messages about their new recycling efforts!

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