Lloyds Bank helps raise awareness of bowel cancer

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Bowel Cancer Guernsey

LLOYDS Bank has used its support of Bowel Cancer Guernsey as an opportunity to raise awareness of the disease to its staff and customers.

The three branches of Lloyds in Guernsey recently took part in Loud Tie Day which aims to raise funds for the charity and awareness of the disease. Staff donated money to dress down for the day and collection buckets were left out for customers to contribute.

‘So far this year the charity has raised almost £3,000 from their Loud Tie Day. We collected more than £500 on the day which is a significant contribution to the total amount. But because bowel cancer can be cured in 90% of cases, if it is detected early enough, we also wanted to take that support further and try and raise awareness of the disease to our staff and customers,’ said Lloyds Bank business development manager Craig Duquemin.

Volunteers from Bowel Cancer Guernsey spent the day in the branches in Smith Street, St Martin’s and on the Bridge talking to customers and there were also stands with literature available to take away.

‘We have also invited Bowel Cancer Guernsey in to present to the staff so that they have a better understanding of the disease and its symptoms and more importantly what they can do to try and avoid developing it. They now know more about the amazing work of Bowel Cancer Guernsey and can use that knowledge to inform family and friends. We felt that was just as important as raising the money as the nature of the illness means that sometimes people ignore the symptoms or are too embarrassed to go to the doctor,’ said Mr Duquemin.

Dr Paul Riley, vice- chair of Bowl Cancer Guernsey, who together with trustee Mary Sebire, spoke to the staff said Lloyds Bank should be praised for its effort to raise awareness.

‘This is a great example of how a company can provide support to a charity that doesn’t involve money. Obviously charities rely on the financial generosity of islanders but our primary objective is to raise awareness and because of the support we had from Lloyds Bank, we were able to talk to dozens of people who we may not have had the chance to meet,’ he said.

‘One of the key things we want to raise awareness of is that leading a healthy and active lifestyle really can make a difference. Just little changes can make a difference and the best way that we can spread that message is by talking to as many people as possible and encouraging them to pass on the information to as many people as possible.’

Any companies or organisations wanting Bowel Cancer Guernsey to talk to staff or members can contact the charity by phoning Dr Riley on 265505 or emailing paul@riley.org.gg More information about bowel cancer can be found at www.bowelcancerguernsey.org

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