Local celebrities milking it to tackle food waste

| April 8, 2014 | 0 Comments
L-R: Tony Leck, Lee Merrien and Dave Matheson

Local celebrity food lovers are popping up in fridges island-wide to try and help islanders reduce the amount of food ending up in their bins.

Olympic runner Lee Merrien now appears on Guernsey Dairy’s skimmed milk cartons, while local restaurateurs Dave Matheson and Tony Leck feature on the full cream and low fat versions.  Local cider maker James Meller will also be on the blue cartons in the near future.

They are promoting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which aims to reduce the 4,500 tonnes of food that local households currently throw away each year, most of which could be avoided.  It is estimated that on average households could save as much as £600 a year, simply by cutting out this waste.

In a survey at last year’s Homelife Show, more than half of respondents indicated they would like to reduce their food waste.  Public Services waste prevention and recycling officer, Tina Norman-Ross, said this latest initiative would help make the campaign much more visible.

‘The combination of well-known local faces and a well-loved local product will really help raise awareness of what we can do to reduce the mountain of food that gets thrown away every year. By simply making some better decisions and doing a little planning, instead of seeing all that waste going to Mont Cuet landfill we can put money back in islanders’ pockets,’ she said.

UK research has found that milk was one of the three most wasted items of food or drink, along with bread and potatoes.  A lot of common fridge contents also often end up in the bin.

‘Hopefully, given the quality of Guernsey milk, there is not so much ending up down the drain.  However, by being on cartons, the campaign will help raise awareness of the issue and remind islanders when they open the fridge that they might want to think a bit more about what they buy,’ said Mrs Norman-Ross.

The UK has developed a Love Food Hate Waste website, which has lots of resources and useful tips on reducing food waste, sensible shopping and meal planning.

Mr Merrien said he was pleased to be backing the campaign and that there were other benefits to following its advice.

‘As a dedicated athlete, diet is something I treat very seriously. Promoting healthier eating, through the great recipes available through Love Food Hate Waste, is something I am excited to be involved with.

‘All four of the people featured are really behind this, and we have each provided our own Love Food Hate Waste recipes. Mine is a tasty broad bean and runner bean risotto,’ he said.

For more information on Guernsey’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, visit: www.lovefoodhatewaste.gg.

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