Local company makes water a ‘Shore Thing’

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A group of RBC Wealth Management staff, joined by family and friends, spent a sunny Sunday at L’Eree, along with La Societe Guernesiaise, participating in a beach clean and low water wildlife survey.

The beach clean was used to highlight RBC Blue Water Day – an annual initiative that encourages RBC staff around the globe to get involved in local activities that help ensure water resources are fit for swimming, drinking and fishing, both now and for generations to come.

RBC staff spent their time at L’Eree participating in la Societe Guernesiaise’s ‘The Shore Thing’, which is an initiative working with schools and community groups to collect information on marine life of rocky shores around BritainVolunteers were provided with cards displaying images of different species, such as varieties of crab, shellfish and seaweed, that they were tasked with finding.

Jessi Jennings, Marine Biology Section Secretary for La Société Guernesiaise said: ‘Surveys like this arean important indication of the effects of climate change on our shores. Following each survey, we upload our findings to The Shore Thing database so that any changes on a national level can be monitored.

‘This type of survey is relatively straightforward so everyone can get involved. It’s a really good way to introduce youngsters to our diverse coastline as well as helping to increase local knowledge of what can be found in our rock pools. We are thankful to companies like RBC Wealth Management who give of their spare time to support La Societe Guernesiaise’s ongoing work.’

Francis Binney, Environmental Officer at RBC Wealth Management, said: ‘As an organisation, we’re always keen to support local initiatives that have the same ethos as the RBC Blue Water Day. As a precious and essential commodity, water is something we take for granted every day and we need to make sure we are doing our best to ensure its long term quality and availability.’

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