New Microsoft release to bring benefits, but greater need for investment in training, say experts

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Allam Zia

C5 Alliance Group has highlighted the importance of training, if businesses are to get the most out of the latest Microsoft customer relationship management software, Dynamics CRM 2013.

The latest version was recently made available for on premise, online (in the cloud) and partner-hosted deployments and is designed to offer businesses an enhanced experience, promoting end-user productivity and customer service.

‘This is an exciting release – there are several new functions that will help boost business performance, but perhaps most important is its integration of mobile and cloud technologies. It’s been entirely redesigned to provide more user-friendly interfaces and give companies the ability to both retrieve and update vital information wherever they are in the world,’ said Allam Zia, consultant and CRM specialist at C5 Alliance Group.

‘It introduces a new outcome-driven user experience with guided processes that help businesses reach their desired outcomes, whatever they may be. In Microsoft’s own words it “makes business personal”,’ he said.

Previous versions of the software, including Dynamics CRM 2011, are already frequently used in the finance sector for regulatory reporting and auditable client interaction. However, Mr Zia noted that training in this new platform is vital if businesses are to maximise efficiency.

‘Platforms like this are highly scalable and have the potential to vastly impact on the success of local businesses. But to get optimum results, staff training is absolutely essential. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to improve efficiency for businesses by empowering employees to use the software themselves to automate processes and get the most from their customer data.

‘It’s an investment worth making; if staff are equipped with the right knowledge during the initial implementation they can take control of their own systems going forward and adapt them for future, business critical uses. At C5, we place a strong emphasis on effective training during the user adoption stage,’ he said.

Dan Hare, Director of C5 Alliance Group, said demand for these technologies is increasing among local businesses.

“We are in a digital age and with local businesses facing more competition than ever, up-to-date technology can provide serious benefits. The need for mobile technology and access to business line data from anywhere in the world is more relevant than ever.

‘Businesses need to be agile and to put customer relationships at the heart of everything they do to be successful,’ he said.

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