Nick Leale promoted to head of financial intermediary business development at Investec

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Nick Leale

INVESTEC Specialist Bank (Channel Islands) Ltd has a new head of financial intermediary business development.

Nick Leale was promoted to the position following the retirement of David Fitch earlier this year.

Mr Leale, founding member of IBCI’s offshore lending business and more recently responsible for the business development and relationship management of the offshore financial intermediary lending business, has 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Mr Leale, who was educated in Guernsey, joined Investec in 2000, starting as a project manager focusing on improving bank efficiencies and consolidation. Mr Leale spent three years from 2002 to 2005 working at Investec in London developing the onshore financial intermediary and cash management business, before returning to Guernsey to set up the offshore lending business in 2005.

In his new role, Mr Leale will look to drive the offshore financial business development strategy of IBCI, which includes supporting the bank’s established business development teams in their activities across the target markets and jurisdictions, including Guernsey, Jersey, Switzerland and the Isle of Man.

‘I consider our business developers to be the gateway to our target markets and it is important that we continue to give them the right tools and allow them the flexibility and autonomy to do what they do best. This will be across all areas of the banking spectrum but with a particular focus on our lending offering, noting that there is an increased demand in this area from our clients,’ said Mr Leale.

His biggest challenge in the new role, he said, will be ensuring the bank continues to adapt in line with the ever-changing industry.

‘Whether it be regulation, or clients moving into other markets, our industry continuously evolves. We always want to add value, from a banking perspective, to our client base and we must stay nimble and keep pace with these changes.

‘In order to remain relevant to our target market, we must listen to our client base and move with them by modifying our offering where and when required. Most importantly, we must continue to provide an exceptional client experience across all areas of our business,’ he said.

While Mr Leale’s focus will be on financial intermediary business development, he said it was important to ensure that all areas of the bank were involved with and included within the business development strategy.

‘To encourage all staff members to be a part of, question and buy into the bigger picture will help the bank in achieving its goals. Anybody can come up with ideas not previously thought of, enabling a more joined up approach to client service, innovation and growth.’

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