Ripple effect of ITV’s ‘Island Hospital’ continues to be felt

| November 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

With another episode of ITV1’s “Island Hospital” set to air this Friday, the recruitment industry has noticed a marked increase in enquiries from people in the UK who have viewed the programme and are keen to find out more about getting a job in Guernsey.

Christina Sauvarin, Consultant at Source Recruitment said: ‘The show has shown Guernsey in such a positive light that come Monday morning each week we’ve noticed a significant increase in applications from UK based candidates. Many of these candidates cite having watched ‘Island Hospital’ as their reason for applying for a job in Guernsey.

‘There are certainly positions that many of these candidates could fill – we currently have more than 200 vacancies on our website – however it’s very unlikely that licences would be granted for the majority of these applicants. We’ve had a complete cross-section of people applying: accountants, administrators and even nurses and they are all very disappointed to learn that it’s not quite as straight forward as they first thought. It certainly makes you realise just how lucky we are to live in Guernsey.’

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