STYX needs your unwanted musical instruments

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Getting started in music can be a major challenge for some. Affording an instrument can be a massive hurdle and getting lessons requires a significant financial commitment.

In an effort to overcome this the Western Parishes’ Youth Development project in collaboration with the Guernsey Arts Commission is running a year long pilot project providing low cost, music lessons in guitar, drums, keyboards, bass and more. The lessons are aimed at beginners and will be based at the STYX Youth and Community Centre.

The sessions are aimed at 3 groups of young people 11-14`s 14-19`s and referred youths.

“Our aim is to make music accessible to everyone” says Marcel Lenormand who will be teaching. “To ensure this happens we need instruments that the students can take home to continue practising with.”

Have you got an instrument that you no longer play and could donate to the project?

Our current needs are;
15 Acoustic guitars
15 bass guitars
15 portable keyboards
3 drum kits

If you have an instrument you would like to donate please contact Russ Fossey at or telephone 247488

If you are interested in finding out more about the lessons visit

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