The Guernsey Specials Gym Club thanks patron Mrs Walker and sponsors at their annual display

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Mrs Walker (centre) with children from the Guernsey Specials Gym Club, club sponsors and coach Hannah Pearce

The wife of Lieutenant Governor Peter Walker, Mrs Lynda Walker, attended a gymnastic performance by the Guernsey Specials Gym Club.

Mrs Walker has been the charity’s patron, as well as supporting a number of other causes, since her arrival on the island in 2011.

Members of the club put on the performance at the Styx Community Centre, to thank their sponsors, including their current main sponsors Trust Corporation and Fund Corporation.

Other attendees included David Hodgetts, who has supported the club for many years with proceeds from his opera events, and members of the Guernsey Ex-Servicemen’s Club who have given substantial donations from their club raffles.

The club is celebrating its 20th year and with the help of Trust Corporation and Fund Corporation is organising a special event on Saturday 18 October at St Pierre Park Hotel which previous gymnasts, members and sponsors will be asked to attend.

Alison Hamperl from Trust Corporation said “We were very honoured to have been invited to see the children perform, it is a great opportunity to see the real benefits of our support in action.”

Mrs. Walker was presented with a bouquet of flowers from the children at the end of the performance.

Michelle Parnwell, secretary of the club, said: “To have a patron like Mrs Walker is a real privilege and we’re so happy that she took the time to come and see the children perform.”

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