Vale Infants Enterprise raising funds to help animals in Guernsey

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Vale Infants

The GPSCA would like to thank the children and teachers at Vale Infants who have been raising money for the Animal Shelter.  Each year group was given £5 and they had to try and turn this into £50.

Each year group did extremely well and here are the results and how they managed to raise funds to help animals in Guernsey.

Reception raised £40.85. They put on a games day and charged 20p go. Games included guessing how many sweets were in a jar and picking floating ducks out of a paddling pool.

Year 1 raised £32.70. They had an art day and did some line printing. 50p they could make a print. They also brought parents in to have a go and then sold the finished prints.

Year 2 raised £84.75. They had a ‘teddy bear adoption’ where they named teddys and printed adoption certificates. The children had to pick a certificate and then find the teddy with the matching name.

Cassidy the dog and Sarah Creasey the Animal Welfare and Education Officer went to the assembly to receive the funds.

Sarah Creasey said “It was wonderful to meet the children and find out how they used their entrepreneurial skills to raise funds for the animals at the GSPCA.”

“Cassidy one of the Shelter dogs came along who has had a series of ear problems and it is dogs like Cassidy that the donations and funds raised make a real difference.”

“From all the team and animals at the GSPCA we would like to thank all at Vale Infants for everything they have done to help raise funds for the GSPCA.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “The children at Vale Infants have shown some real skills and entrepreneurial ideas to help raise funds for the Shelter and you never know we may have some Alan Sugars of the future in Guernsey.”

“We have over 200 animals in our care currently at the Shelter and we help thousands every year so every penny really does help make a difference, thank you to all involved.”

To make a donation to help the animals at the Shelter like Cassidy please click one of the links below.

We are also looking for teams to register and get involved with the Giant Animal Welfare Mascot It’s a Knockout Race on Sunday 14th September. For details please click here.


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