Waitrose supports all local States schools

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Waitrose Rohais and Admiral Park branches are supporting all 20 local States supported schools for the month of May through their Community Matters scheme.

Every month each Waitrose shop donates £1000 to three local good causes. Customers vote for the share each charity or project receives using green tokens. In addition to this, online customers choose between three national charities, to which Waitrose donates a further £100,000 a year.

The local branches are dedicating one of their green token boxes just for the Guernsey States schools, at primary and senior level. The value of the tokens in that box will be split equally between the schools to go towards their summer festivities.

Since Waitrose opened five branches in the Channel Islands (two in Guernsey and three in Jersey) in 2011 £175,000 has been donated to local charities and more than £17m has been donated between 50,000 national causes since the scheme launched in 2008.

Waitrose would like to remind charities, organisations and initiatives that they can apply to be part of the scheme. Nomination forms can be found in each branch at the customer service desk or by contacting Kelly Allett via communitymattersrohais@Waitrose.co.uk or Laura Williams via communitymattersadmiralpark@waitrose.co.uk.

Kelly Allett, community liaison partner for Waitrose Rohais, said: “The schools are a vital part of the community and we are pleased to support them in this way as well as through our work encouraging healthy eating and food sourcing. There are a large number of organisations in the island that are reliant on funding through schemes such as ours and we want to continue developing relationships with as many local charities and initiatives.

“We’re always looking for more good causes to support through the scheme, so customers who know about a good cause – or charities themselves – should pop in to their local Waitrose and complete a nomination form.”

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