Winter Youngsters Safe and Sound in Guernsey but please watch out for those in need

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Despite the cold snap some of our wildlife and animals have continued to produce young here in Guernsey.

Only yesterday we were called two rescue to young pigeons which are now safe and warm in an Intensive Care Unit which was thanks to the Channel Island Christmas Lottery last year.

Also in the last month we have had two tortie and white kittens who have been called Sparkle and Glitter (we currently have a waiting list for homes looking for kittens) and a duckling which has been called Quack Quack.

It’s not only these unseasonal young we have had through our doors but we have also had a number of young hoglets like Peanut, Brian, Cody and Max being found and it is very apparent that many still aren’t hibernating.

An even more unusual character that came in last month was a very young tortoise we’ve called Scramble that was found as a stray and he too as many of these have had to be housed in the Intensive Care Units which has certainly helped save their lives.

We have pages full of advice on what to do if you find a young, sick or injured wild animal or bird in Guernsey which you can see by visiting the website or please call our 24 hour number on 01481 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager ‘It seems every year here in Guernsey we see more and more young animals being born or hatching out of season.’

‘We are very lucky and thankful that the Christmas Lottery and some local individuals have donated money for us to purchase the Intensive Care Units as they really do help save animals lives every day.’

‘It’s not just kittens, hoglets, young birds and other sick animals we are on high alert for, but also young sick and injured seal pups especially with the windy weather due.’

‘Both seal pups we rescued last year were between November and January which means we are right in the middle of the season now.’

‘We have a web page full of advice on what to do if you see wildlife in distress, sick or injured but with seal pups on the coast please do not approach them or let your pets near them and give us a call straight away on 257261.’

‘Jersey have already rescued their first seal pup recently so if you do see one please let us know.’


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