World Class Performance and Coaching Conference to be held in Guernsey

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The Guernsey Sports Commission in partnership with Spearpoint Ltd and States Education are hosting a performance and coaching conference 16th-18th November; ‘Developing the Winning Edge’.

The conference is a part of the Spearpoint High Performance Programme, which has responsibility within the Sports Commission for encouraging and supporting talented Guernsey athletes who aspire to reach an elite standard within their sport.

The conference will begin at the Performing Arts Centre on Friday evening and the Commission is delighted to have confirmed Andy Priaulx as the keynote speaker. Andy has been the European Touring Car Championship Champion three times, World Touring Car Championship Champion and the only FIA Touring Car Champion to win an International level championship for four consecutive years (2004-2007). He is also a staunch supporter of Guernsey Sport and recognizes the importance of well qualified coaching in developing elite level athletes.

On Saturday 17th, local sports will be hosting their own coach education days, targeting the sport specific needs of their coaching team and they will be supported by the visiting professionals.

On Sunday 18th the Commission will host all participants at St Sampsons High School for a series of workshops delivered by a combination of world class coaches and expert professionals. The workshops will provide participants with practical tools and knowledge to support their coaching and performance, with content ranging from psychology, teaching games, nutrition, working with parents, physical development, to yoga sport science.

Workshop presenters have expertise within the following areas; premiership football, judo, cricket, fencing, tennis, rugby, motor racing, hockey, child development, triathlon, physical education, ultramarathon, swimming, athletics, and bobsleigh.

There will be two programmes running through Sunday within a carousel of workshops. The first programme is aimed at top athletes and coaches working with representative teams and individuals at a strategic level. The second programme will support anyone working with young people and interested in skill, physical, and psychological development and aims to give simple and practical ideas to develop young people in sport.

Jeremy Frith, Performance Director with Guernsey Sports Commission said, ‘our objective for the conference is to share knowledge and support local sports whilst giving them an enjoyable and rewarding weekend. Everyone involved with the conference has strong links to the Island which we hope will make followup work and access to further information easy for coaches and their sports’.

Kevin Boscher, Chief Investment Officer of Spearpoint sponsor of the High Performance Programme said, ‘developing coaches is one of the prime objectives of the programme, so we are pleased to see this important element receive so much support. This, with other elements, such as the High Performance Centre provide fantastic opportunities for aspiring local athletes to develop their skills to an elite level. Coaches play an essential part in athletes’ development and the conference is a great opportunity for coaches and athletes to share their knowledge and develop their skills further’.

If you are interested in attending the conference contact Jeremy Frith at the Guernsey Sports Commission – email/phone or visit for full information

The cost of the conference is £25 per participant. This includes an extensive resource pack and is open to athletes, coaches, volunteers and anyone with an interest in teaching, coaching, or supporting their sport. The course is free to all active primary and secondary teachers.

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